Hanan Sayed Worrell
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Hanan Sayed Worrell

Connecting cultures through food

The fruit and vegetable market has always been my place. I like to chat with the vendors about where the produce comes from and what’s fresh. It’s one of the places that anchors me in the city.”

Hanan Sayed Worrell is a Lebanese-American author, a lifelong food lover and self-described recipe hunter.

An engineer by trade, she arrived in Abu Dhabi with her husband in 1993, for what they intended to be a two-year assignment. Instead, they raised a family here and still call the city home.

“Living in Abu Dhabi, I realised how diverse the people are,” she says. “The home became the centre of our social life, because we were all new to the city. Slowly, bit by bit, meal by meal, we built our community. We built our friendships around the table.”

In 2018, she published Table Tales: The Global Nomad Cuisine of Abu Dhabi, a unique cookbook that was the first to explore the capital city’s gastronomic culture and its place as a culinary crossroads, and to highlight local people making waves on the culinary scene.

If you’re just a visitor to the city you see tall buildings, you see fast highways. It’s a bit generic. But what people really need to understand is that living here is an experience in connection,” she says.

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Abu Dhabi See Wonder Food Scene

Dining out

Abu Dhabi's dining scene is rich and varied, with around 400 restaurants offering cuisine from all over the world. In accordance with Islam, all meat is halal. Alcohol is served in hotels across the emirate, and sold in specially licensed stores.

Food Of The City

Food markets

Whether it’s fish fresh off the boat, or a rainbow of crisp fruit and vegetables piled high in crates, Abu Dhabi’s bustling food markets offer tastes from around the world.