Jennifer Hale

Pets in Abu Dhabi

Jennifer Hale is the administrative partner at the British Veterinary Centre (BVC) in Abu Dhabi, and is married to Dr. Jonathan Hale, their head surgeon. Founded by Dr. Martin Wyness, the BVC is one of the UAE’s leading vet practices.

The US national is a lifelong animal lover, who turned her passion into a career when she relocated to the city 15 years ago. Today, she oversees staff to assist people who are moving their pets to the UAE and elsewhere, while also offering a host of pet re-homing and animal medical services.

Jennifer explains that bringing a pet to Abu Dhabi is nothing to be worried about. “Once they arrive, owners find there is full vet care, parks where you can walk your dogs, and many other amenities for pets,” she says. “It's quite a comfortable existence.”

She thinks that pets are very much incorporated into everyday life in Abu Dhabi, where a good balance between life and work is encouraged.

As an American expat to the emirate, Jen speaks highly of the city’s safety and opportunities for career and personal growth:

“[Abu Dhabi] is still a bit exotic to people back home, but it’s more than that as well. Here, you can be involved at the start of something. You can start your own business, and really help and make a difference.”

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