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The world is on the cusp of multiple technological revolutions. Our vision is to harness the potential of innovation to create a better, cleaner, healthier and more connected world.

Food systems, healthcare, educational, access to information – all are ripe for transformation. The speed of climate change and the Covid-19 crisis both illustrate that this transformation isn’t just needed – it's urgent. In Abu Dhabi, we’re welcoming and supporting the innovators, visionaries and pioneers who are building a better future for people all around the globe. In sharing their stories of technological wonder, we hope to show how together we can accelerate towards that brighter future.

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The super-sized solar, floating windfarms and smart batteries meeting the world’s green energy needs.

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The high-tech, hope-filled future of healthcare is using AI and digital diagnostics to provide better outcomes for more people.

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How sustainable and efficient food technologies are revolutionising food production in arid climates.

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Wired for learning – investors take note as demand for personalised edtech options soars.

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Artificial Intelligence

The rise of the algorithm – how artificial intelligence is helping create real benefits in the new tech age.

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Plug and play – how AI and blockchain are spearheading a fintech revolution.

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Challenging times require new thinking and new solutions. And that’s why Abu Dhabi is backing startups in a big way.

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