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Powering up the world’s clean energy future

World-sized challenges need world-sized solutions – but when it comes to generating renewable, emissions-free energy, a multi-faceted approach is required.

Traditional methods of producing energy produce serious emissions. That’s why all around the globe, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and technologists are working hard to develop varied energy solutions that are cleaner, greener and more efficient.

According to the Energy Progress Report published by the World Bank, only 9.6 percent of energy is now produced by modern renewable energy sources – a long way short of the 85 percent required to successfully address climate change.

Add to that the 1.1 billion currently people living without electricity and increasing amounts of carbon in the atmosphere and you begin to understand the magnitude of the world’s environmental challenges.

But there is some good news. Last year, renewable power accounted for almost three quarters of global power expansion, reports the Abu Dhabi-based International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). And solar and wind contributed 90 percent of new renewable capacity.

Abu Dhabi is also playing an outsized role in developing and investing in renewable energy technologies that are now being deployed all over the world. And its clean energy ambitions are continuing to grow with each success.

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Harvesting the sun at massive scale

The world’s biggest solar farm capped 10 years of green energy firsts in Abu Dhabi – but there’s more solar innovation yet to come.

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The smart batteries inspiring innovation

From floating windfarms to state-sized supply solutions, bigger, smart batteries are smoothing out the renewable grid.

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The biogas enabling plant fuelled flight

Large electric planes might be out of the question, but plant-fuelled flight is fast becoming a reality.

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Nuclear’s crucial clean energy role

Mini-reactors, advanced fission, nuclear fusion – why future nuclear holds the key to carbon-free energy.

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