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The high-tech, hope-filled future of healthcare

By 2050, there will be 9.5 billion people on the planet. Given the current pressure on resources, this might seem like an ominous number. However a revolution in medical technologies holds the promise for better health outcomes and longer lives for more people.

From advanced robotics and genomics to the potentials of the humble smartphone, the future is looking bright for the health and wellbeing industries. Abu Dhabi’s government is currently working towards a health system fit for twenty-first century challenges. It puts patients first, and is actively adopting technologies for prevention as well as treatment.

As the healthcare industry makes breakthroughs at an extraordinary rate, there is much to look forward to in the world of healthtech. However, the key will be to make sure the visionaries and the startups leading these breakthroughs have the support they need, so they can be confident to experiment, fail, and try again, in the pursuit of better health outcomes.

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Digital solutions for achieving health equity

The ubiquitous smartphone, along with other technologies, is delivering enormous healthcare opportunities.

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Big data shifts health focus to prevention

AI’s ability to process enormous data sets is shifting health emphasis from treatment to diagnosis and prevention.

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‘Hard’ technologies for better surgical outcomes

The Abu Dhabi surgeons pioneering 3D modelling to improve the lives of children with heart defects.

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