Hawaa Al Mansouri
Hawaa Al Mansouri
Dr. Hawaa Al Mansouri Entrepreneur, Sonostik®

A hub for medical innovation

Dr. Hawaa Al Mansouri was the first non-American woman to graduate from George Washington University in Washington DC, USA.

While working as a medical resident, she became frustrated with existing vascular access catheters, which required two hands to operate, and began working with the hospital technicians to develop a more efficient model. In time, she came up with the Sonostik® Guide Wire Introducer, and patented the device in the USA.

Now the Deputy Medical Director of the Imperial College of London in Abu Dhabi, Dr. Al Mansouri has become one of the proponents leading the way to develop the capital city – her hometown – as a new global hub for medical technology.

“One of the things I’ve been very lucky to have been involved with is innovative ideas and the process of taking a product from an initial concept to end result,” she says. “Not only that, but we’re working on making Abu Dhabi a centre for innovation itself.”

Next steps

Part of Abu Dhabi’s pivot towards the future involves supporting and incentivising technological innovation. As a result, it has never been easier to set up a tech business, with a ‘Tech Licence Package’ easily available in 13 areas of technology including AI, robotics, cloud services, space technology, technology for climate change adaptation, synthetic biology, technology for food and water security, and quantum computing.

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